Rope-Group (in Finnish Rope-Yhtiöt) is a group of independent companies specialized in sales & marketing development. The group was established in 1993 by M.Sc. (Econ.) Timo Rope.

We can offer following services to our clients:

• sales & marketing training
• sales & marketing consulting and development programs
• recruiting
• PR services
• market research services
• advertising agency services
• HR development
• management & strategy development

Rope-Group consists of 9 companies which have all their own speciality area and they are not competing with each others but co-operating in an effective way.

On top of these companies Rope-Group co-operates with several leading specialists of their own branches.

Thereby our main competitive advantages are:

1. We can offer all consultative services under same roof.
2. We all share the entrepreneurial attitude towards work.
3. Almost all cases are handled by several specialists which guarantees wider perspective.

Rope-Group has been co-operating with hundreds of companies and institutions all over Finland.

Contact us:  tel. +358 (0)9 497955